Where can I find the variation ids for android and ios experiments in the UI

I am trying to find the variation ids for each variation after creating an experiment but I can't find them. I am only using android and ios.

Does Taplytics support Split URL Testing?

As the title states, does Taplytics support Split URL testing and if so, how would you implement it in Taplytics?

Audience Segmentation

Hello, As part of the feature toggle creation, I am unable to add new Custom User Data as an Audience Segmentation. Whenever I move from one section to another, any words I typed will disappear.

How many seconds will a request for experiment var timeout itself ?

I currently use TaplyticsVar.async. just wonder if TaplyticsVar have re-try mechanism and how long one request will be timeout. Thanks

Mobile Visual Editor - Supported Elements on Android

What elements are supported for Visual Editing on Android?

Mobile Visual Editor - Supported Elements on iOS

What Elements are supported for Visual Editing on iOS?

How do I create funnels in Taplytics?

How do you create funnels in order to measure which variation in a funnel is more effective?

A/B Testing on Android Phones without Google Play Services

Do you have support for Android devices without Google Play Services installed such as new Huawei phones. Can we perform A/B tests either by notifications or by remote configuration using Taplytics A/B testing service. If not, is it in the plan?

How is Statistical Significance Calculated?

What is Taplytics' methodology for calculating statistical significance for experiments?

Experiment behaviour when setting winning variations

What happens when we declare a winner of an experiment? If there are users in Variation A and B, and we declare Variation B as the winner, what happens?