Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 2.0!

You can contact the Taplytics Support team through the following avenues:

  • Send an email to [[email protected]](🔗)

  • Through the [Taplytics Support Center](🔗) form

## Ticket Submission Structure

Taplytics is focused on helping our customers deliver seamless user journeys and customer experiences across platforms.

Below is guidance on filing tickets for help with Taplytics Experiments, Launch Control, Push, and Journey Builder. This will enable the Taplytics Technical Support Team to provide a timely resolution to your request.

## Support Request Guidelines

Please structure the request in the ‘Given - When - Then - Actual’ format:

**Given**: the state of the world before you begin the behavior you're specifying in this scenario. You can think of it as the pre-conditions to the behaviour. **When**: a specific action is taken in the platform **Then**: due to the specified action, the expected outcome occurs. **Actual**: describe the outcomes that are being observed that are unexpected

Please also include any additional information will help us understand exactly what the expected behavior is and what the user is currently experiencing to enable our Technical Support team to reliably reproduce the issue:

  • URL to the relevant experiment/ push/ feature flag/ journey

  • Any additional steps to reproduce the behaviour

  • Any relevant information which can help our team quickly identify and resolve the issue