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Get on the fast track and implement Taplytics through any of the SDKs we offer.

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Universal API Resources

Get an overview of our Universal API to help power your server-side experimentation and feature flagging efforts.

iOS 14 Privacy Implications

Get an overview of how we manage iOS 14's privacy implications and how we help manage your user's privacy.

Push Notification Resources

Build trust and cultivate an ongoing relationship with your customers with push notifications.

Check out our docs here to get started or check out our Ultimate Guide To Mobile Push Notification Optimization.

Feature Flag Resources

Mitigate product risk with Taplytics feature flags and gain the ability to seamlessly roll out new features to your intended audience. Check out our guide here.

Product Manager's Guide to Improving Retention

Learn the methodology and mindset for aligning with customer expectations to build experiences that keep your customer's coming back to your app. Get your guide here.