3rd Party Integrations

Taplytics supports several third party integrations listed below for each platform. Click on any of the links to view more information about each Analytics provider.


These integrations allow you to do several things:

  1. Leverage existing analytics events for Goal creation
    The integrations listed below allow you to leverage client-side events being sent to your existing analytics provider. These events can be used for setting goals in Taplytics. For more information on goal creation, please see here.

  2. Push your Experiment and Feature Flag data to your favourite Analytics sources
    The Taplytics SDK can automatically push Experiment and Feature Flag data to the listed analytics providers.

Select a Analytics provider for more details:

Push Experiments to Analytics Source

To enable Taplytics to push Experiment and Feature Flag data to your analytics providers, navigate to the Settings page and toggle the Analytics source(s) you want to use with Taplytics. The Taplytics SDK will now start sending Experiment and Feature Flag data to the enable source.

To view the format of the data, please visit the providers integration page.


Don't see your analytics source listed here or have additional questions? Feel free to let us know what other integrations you need by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager or email us at [email protected].