Devices: Pairing and Managing

Following the installation of the Taplytics SDK, the next step is to pair your device. Pairing your device ensures that you are able to view visual changes in real-time.

Pairing Your Device

Option 1
You can pair your device through Development Build Pairing

Option 2
Advanced Pairing enables a connection between both development and production builds and it links your device via text, email, or ping.

Confirming Successful Device Pairing
Go to Settings>Device Settings to view a list of your paired devices.


Development Build Pairing

While your app is still in development, you can pair your device by connecting it to your computer or by running your app on a simulator. All available devices will display in the pair list under the category Other Devices.


As a development device, you are able to pair your device by clicking the Ping Dev Devices button under Connect a New Device.


Following the completion of the above steps, you will see the messages below:


Select Yes and the status of the device will be updated to status Paired.


Advanced Pairing

If you haven't already, we recommend that you take a few minutes and set up Advanced Pairing so you can work on visual experiments in production mode as well. Plus it's an awesome way to pair your device, you can pair your device via email, text, or ping! To do so, check out the Advanced Pairing documentation.

If you have already set up Advanced Pairing, click on your pairing method of choice on the Dashboard and follow the on-screen prompts to connect your device.


Manage your Devices

In Device Settings, you can also manage your own or your team devices.

  • Allow experiment editing
  • Enable/Disable Shake Menu.
  • Delete a device

You may click on the Name of the user or on the View User Insights icon to be sent to the User Insights page. For more detailed information, please see User Insights section of our documentation to learn more on the various types of user data that are available in the Taplytics Dashboard.


Deleting a Paired Device

You can delete your paired device by clicking the Delete button(x) under the Actions column.

Note: When a device is successfully deleted, the device must be paired again if the specific device is to be used in a future use-case scenario.


Enabling or Disabling Experiment Editing and Screen Shake will require the App to be restarted for changes to be applied.