Push Notifications - Terms and Definitions

pushOpenedAn event indicating that a push notification is clicked by the user.

These are users who actually open the app directly from the push-no time frame defined.
Open RatePercentage of users who received vs. opened push directly (opens/sends)
SoftOpen 24hrsA metric created by Taplytics to track engagement on an App within a certain time period as a result of the push notification.

Users whom have opened the app within 24 hours following the successful delivery of a push notification (pushSent).

and it'll includes people who clicked on the push (pushOpen)
Soft Open RatePercentage of users who received vs. opened the app within 24hrs of receiving the push (softopens/sends)
pushRegisterAn event indicating that the device was configured to receive push notifications.

The pushRegister event occurs when a new user or unsubscribed user allows push notifications on their device.
pushUnsubscribedAn event indicating that the device could not get a push notification.

Examples Include
- Push notifications are disabled on the device in question
- App has been deleted
- User has opted-out of push notifications from the device.
- A Delta between users who did not receive a push compared to the last successful pushsent.

Important to Note
pushUnsubscribed is different from pushSentFailed. pushSentFailed indicates errors in the process of sending the push; it is not user-based, but technology based. On the other hand, pushUnsubscribed is an enduser preference and is intended.

Recommended Best Practice
Send silent push daily to see a change in push unsubscribed compare to pushsent to examine if there is a correlation.
pushSendSilentAn event that tracks silent (background) pushes.
pushSentA successful push notification was sent to a device.
goalAchievedAn event which is intended to track the occurrence of Goal Events.

goalAchieved events are responsible in populating results.

A successful Taplytics code event is triggered in an end-user's app. Then, the code event will be sent to Taplytics as a goalAchieved event.

This may differ for 3rd party analytics. Name is the name of the Code Event. Metadata contains the Metadata key/value pairs.
revenueAn event that tracks the occurrence of revenue- type Goal Events.

It is not the same goalAchieved and tracks Revenue events instead of Code Events.