Installing Taplytics with Mparticle

You can integrate Taplytics with Mparticle. To get setup, check out the docs for your platform:

Mparticle to Taplytics

Mparticle gives you to the option to automatically send user data and events to Taplytics, removing the need to explicitly call Taplytics, giving you the ability to manage your information in one central location.

User Attributes

Set user data using Mparticle and have the kit pass the data along to Taplytics automatically. Make sure you've allowed Taplytics to send email, customerId, or any other attributes that you wanted to leverage from your Mparticle project.


If enabled, Taplytics will set the following user attributes:

  • user_id = Customer ID
  • email = Email Address
  • customUserData = Other User Attributes


The Mparticle integration allows you to leverage the same client-side events being sent from your App for Goal Creation on the Taplytics platform. These events will automatically flow into Taplytics and will be visible in the Code Event dropdown as Taplytics Events. For more information on goal creation, please see here.