QAing Experiments

The articles in this section are meant to help you ensure experiments are being delivered to production users as expected and that the results are being tracked correctly via the Taplytics Dashboard.

Below are some helpful tips and tools to get started:

  • Ensure Access to the Taplytics Interface
    It might be a no-brainer but sometimes not all members of a team are given access to the testing platform. Ensure yourself and other QA team members have access to your Taplytics Project is the first step

  • Set up Advanced Pairing
    With Advanced Pairing set up, you can send yourself a custom link to identify your devices to Taplytics. Making them easily discoverable in the Taplytics interface. See these docs to set up Advanced Pairing for iOS and Android

  • Setting a User ID
    It is very useful to set a userID within Taplytics. It is another method of identifying your device via the Users Insights page. Please see the iOS and Android docs on setting a UserID