These docs are for v1.0. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

How to Understand Your Push Results

Once your push is sent, you can view "Results" and get an overview of your push sent "Audience & Message".


In the "Results" tab, Taplytics tracked 2 key metrics:


1. Open rate

Definition: number of push opened / number of push sent

2. Engagement

Definition: Users who engage with your app within 24 hours of receiving a push notification. Essentially, we measure the activity of users who received push notifications and were active as a result of that push, against those in the same audience according to segmentation, but are not receiving push notifications to provide a meaningful engagement metric number.

For instance, if a user opens your app without opening the push, they would be considered an engaged user as we take "soft opens" into account as well.

Need more data on your push?

If you wish to retrieve more data or do more analysis on your push such as deep diving into which users have engaged with your app after receiving the push or who opened the push, you would need to request access to our Data Analysis tools: BigQuery> or Metabase.

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